I sing to the same person-I feel in love with the cook gentleman

I sing to the same person-I feel in love with the cook gentlemanI sing to the same person-I feel in love with the cook gentleman

This man is always so dazzling when he is serious. Naruto was in a trance, as if he was once again facing the 17-year-old I love Luo. The big boy picked up a piece of cake from the debris on the ground and ate it. Then he said to him, "I'm very happy. I like this gift very much.". As clear as yesterday's memory suddenly emptied the seven years, suddenly they are still the two young people who carefully depend on each other, and the answers he has not found in the seven years seem to have been answered now. Naruto is still immersed in memories, I love Luo's cell phone rang, he picked up the phone to listen to a few words, his face became a little dignified, "OK, I'll be right there." Putting away his cell phone, I love Luo said apologetically to Naruto, who was in a daze: "I'm sorry, I have something urgent to go first." "Mmm." Naruto was mentally prepared when he heard the call. I love Luo is really different from him. When he is busy, he can't even sleep. He is very happy to be here. He feels that he has a kind of stolen happiness. Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly felt himself surrounded by a familiar breath. I don't know when I love Luo has come to him, and his hair has been ruffled and blown gently. Don't move, your head and body are covered with glutinous rice flour. The tone is like whispering in the ear. So gently hugged, time seems to stand still. He clapped his hands lightly on his body, turned his fingers and stroked his face. "Here, too." Such posture and tone were so ambiguous that Naruto felt his face red to the root of his neck, blood rushing to his brain, and then rushing away. He stiffened and dared not move,Silver Travertine Slabs, his heart beating wildly, and he felt a faint sense of expectation. The mobile phone rang again, but the man did not let go, so he did not move. He heard the man's low, inaudible sigh, and the gentle breath blew through his hair. He closed his eyes subconsciously and clenched my love Luo's hand. Their hands were equally cold. There were many voices in the air, brushing his lips, his face,Porcelain Marble Slabs, his closed eyes. All the senses are trapped in chaos, unable to distinguish between pain and pleasure, and everything becomes blank. Heavy snow falls on the world, thoughts are frozen by happy snowflakes, and the noisy world is silent like flowers. Then, suddenly, the temperature on his hands and mouth disappeared, and when he opened his eyes, he found that he had let go and stepped back. I'm leaving. Naruto didn't want his loss to be in his eyes, so he turned around and opened the door for him. There must be something important, so. So, I left in a hurry. However, Naruto suddenly remembered that he had not given him what he was going to give me. When he thought of this, I love Luo had gone far away. But then he could ask him to come back tomorrow or whenever he was free-Naruto thought of this, and instead of regretting it, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, he felt a little happy. If he can come. 4、 In the last afternoon before the holiday, everyone had no mood to go to work, and they could get off work early. Naruto went to catch the bus with the festival items issued by the school, two bags of moon cakes, two bags of grapefruit and a large can of oil, intending to go home early. It's just that as soon as he gets to the bus stop, he's a little silly. With a sea of people waiting for the bus and a full bus, he's carrying so many things that the chances of squeezing up are less than zero. None of the taxis were empty, and Naruto was almost at his wits' end. Naruto! Naruto! When he was worried, a clear voice called him. Looking at the sound, it was Sakura sitting in a taxi waving to him. Naruto, I just took a taxi. I'll take you home. Sakura's warm invitation. Sakura's family and Naruto's family are very close, just on the way home, so Sakura's invitation is very real, Naruto is very happy to meet Sakura. Only to Naruto downstairs, Sakura also got off. Naruto was a little surprised. "Haven't you arrived at your house yet?" "Oh, I'm going to learn a dish from you in the afternoon, so I can go home and show off in the evening!" Sakura said she didn't care. Naruto froze for a moment, there was a faint worry in his mind, and soon disappeared. It's still early, I love Luo should not come so soon, when teaching Sakura to cook, I can also prepare for it. He thought so and said yes. What Sakura wants to learn is crab powder tofu, tofu is actually eggs, there are in the refrigerator, crab eggs have to go to the store to buy, the Mid-Autumn Festival shop closing time is early, the supermarket at the door is almost closing time, so finally Naruto decided to buy crabs by himself, by the way, buy more of that person's favorite dishes back, so let Sakura help put some things home first. Naruto people live on a relatively high floor, Xiao Ying carrying things to the door when already panting, this time the phone rang again, so Xiao Ying while answering the phone while opening the door. All right, all right, someone will want your daughter! "Sort of.". There is. "Mom, don't worry, I'll bring someone back to show you." Where am I now? Uh "Yes." "Today?"? Probably not today. "All right, I'll hang up!" Xiao Ying hung up the phone and pushed the door to come in, but almost bumped into the people in the room. It turned out that there was already a man in the room, a very good-looking man with red hair, but his face was a little uncertain now, making his handsome face look a little cold. Sakura was taken aback. She had never heard that Naruto had a family. So what is this? "Who are you?" She asked tentatively. Naruto's friend? I love Luo came early today. He wanted to have a good talk with Naruto, so he cancelled the company's summing-up meeting in the afternoon in accordance with public opinion. Naruto really did not get off work, he waited for a while, a little irritable in the heart, feel that perhaps he should go to the school gate to pick up Naruto, but now this point to go to school,Pietra Gray Marble, I am afraid just missed. Then feel a little bit of their own gaffe, usually calm himself where to go, that is not in a hurry to let the shadow help boss wait for an hour where to go. forustone.com


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