Good women don't fight

"Do you want to marry Erni from North Street?" Erni of North Street is a child of her family. She is only six years old this year, but she has beautiful features. She looks like a beautiful embryo.

Liu Ma also lives in this area where people gather, a little closer to the middle than Aunt Li's house. Since she made up her mind to bring her brother and Xu Zhenniang together, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was feasible. After a few days, she warmly invited Xu Zhenniang to take Xu Ting home for dinner. It turned out that blind dates in ancient times were like this. Xu Zhen-niang sat upright, listening to Liu Ma's interrogation of eighteen generations of ancestors there, and kept telling lies. Liu Ma's younger brother is a five big three thick man, looks also upright, simple and honest appearance, unexpectedly also can blush. Xu Ting obviously did not have a good impression on this big man, and his little face was always straight, staring at him with the eyes of an enemy, wishing he could make a hole in his body. The big man sat there uncomfortable with the burning eyes of the little boy, not the cat, not the dog. My brother has a straight temper, and he can work at home and outside. He used to farm in the countryside, all by himself, and honest. When my sister-in-law was alive, the whole village envied her good fortune. Liu Ma began to strongly recommend her baby brother. Ah? Ah, Liu Ma, you are so nice. Your brother must be good,metal trim manufacturers, too. Xu Zhenniang's thinking is completely far away. In modern times, her age can be regarded as a leftover woman. Her parents are so anxious that they have arranged numerous blind dates for her, which makes her headache on weekends. Hearing what she said, Liu Ma was very happy: "You are a woman, and it is not easy to live with a child.". If you have any heavy work to do, just come to him and ask him to help. Xu Zhenniang promised vaguely and left in a hurry after dinner. Xu Ting pouted all the way and refused to speak. It was not until she went to bed that she covered her whole head in the quilt and opened her mouth sullenly: "Auntie, I don't like that man. Don't marry him, OK?" Originally he is making this awkward,aluminum tile edge trim, Xu Zhen Niang laughs: "Silly child, who says I want to marry him?" "But, but, you said good things about him, that he was a good man." Xu Ting stretched out his head a little bit and said in puzzlement. There are many good people. Do I want to marry every good person? "Xu Zhenniang flicked his head angrily." What are you thinking about all day? It's better to learn a few more words than to have this idea. " Only then did Xu Ting burst into a brilliant smiling face and nodded his head greatly: "We have agreed that my aunt will not marry.". When I grow up, I will earn a lot of money, then marry a lot of wives, give birth to a lot of children, and let my aunt scold whoever you want and beat whoever you want! No, the child's mind is not right. Three wives and four concubines are not allowed. Xu Zhenniang decided to educate her children to catch them from an early age. Xu Ting, I ask you, why do you want to marry many wives? "Isn't that what everyone says? A man can have many wives." "Do you want to marry Erni from North Street?" Erni of North Street is a child of her family. She is only six years old this year, but she has beautiful features. She looks like a beautiful embryo. Almost all the little boys in the street like her. But Xu Ting shook his head and said, "I don't like her. She is so charming and arrogant to everyone. It seems that everyone wants to give in to her.". My aunt is much more beautiful than she is, and she is not like this. Who do you like? Little Cui from East Street? "I don't like her either. She's too noisy and noisy." Then you have to marry a lot of wives. I tell you, stainless steel tile trim ,china tile trim, all the women in the world are almost the same. They are either as charming as Erni or as noisy as Xiaocui. When you have a lot of wives in the future, they will act like a spoiled child with you one by one, asking for this and that. If you don't give them, they will make a lot of noise and bother you all the time. Are you willing to do that? Xu Ting imagined a lot of Erni and Xiaocui around their own situation, can not help but fight a cold war: "terrible, I do not want their wife, I want aunt like this." Xu Zhenniang smiled: "If I am like this, you will be even more miserable.". There will be a lot of women beating you together, beating you flat. Blimey, it's even scarier! Xu Ting couldn't help shrinking his neck. An aunt can kick off a board, many aunts together, is not to kick off the tree? Imagine the scene of his small body being folded in half, Xu Ting was frightened: "Auntie, I don't want to marry a wife in the future, I don't want one!" "Do not marry is also wrong," Xu Zhen Niang strike while the iron is hot, "in fact, only marry one can ah. Only one Erni or a small Cui, will not be too annoying or too noisy, only one aunt, when you grow up can not beat you, how good. This idea is good, Xu Ting can not help but be persuaded, obediently fell asleep. The next day, he went to the river early in the morning and shouted with a smile, "Old thief, where are you? I sent steamed buns!" " A man jumped down from the tree neatly, took the steamed bread and chewed it. He said vaguely, "Boy, I told you not to call me an old thief. Why don't you always listen?" "Cut, you steal my snacks, how can you not be an old thief?"? Do you know that my aunt managed to get these snacks? Xu Ting also took a steamed bun and ate it. "I didn't tell my aunt that you ate it secretly, otherwise she would beat you. Why don't you thank me?" "I'm not afraid. Your aunt can't beat me." The man picked up the water bag and drank a mouthful of water, laughing, "I have taught you kung fu, those snacks and now steamed buns are earned by me." Speaking of Kung Fu, Xu Ting immediately jumped up: "Hey, I said, is your Kung Fu useful? I will use it to fight with my wife in the future." "Why do you fight with your wife?" The man became interested, sat down beside him and asked curiously. "No wonder you don't have a wife. If you had one, you wouldn't have to cheat children to eat.". In the future, I must find a wife like my aunt, but my aunt is very good at beating. If I can't beat her, I will be miserable. I will be beaten by my wife every day. The man couldn't help laughing: "It is your aunt says, after marrying a wife, can you be beaten by the wife?"? That's why I didn't take a wife. How wise. Xu Ting looked at him in disgust: "I think, because you are too lazy, and rogue,stainless tile trim, will steal things, will not have a woman to you.". Aunt said, this is called bad character. 。


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