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Thirty-six emperors, this is the most powerful group of war in front of Ye Qingcheng, the lowest of them is the peak emperor, many of them are ordinary sages.

"What is Jinghai Teaching?"! Lao Tzu's archers are going to flatten your Jinghai Sect! The archer is famous for protecting his shortcomings. He is very domineering. He doesn't agree with each other, so he takes the strong archer to kill the Jinghai Sect! "The archers have guts, but it's not your archers' turn to run wild in the beast domain!" With a sneer, the Sun King of Jinwu also took the strong man to the archers. Does the Beastland Wheel command from your Hoof Tiangu? Hoof Tiangu wants to help the Jinghai Sect, and the Dragon and Tiger King does not hesitate to lead the strong to besiege Hoof Tiangu. Both of them have had grudges for a long time, especially between the Arrow family and the Jinghai Sect and the Hoof Tiangu. They had already formed a grudge before that. The Royal Beast City and the Hoof Tiangu were also fighting in the dark. Although the Royal Beast City was a recluse, the Royal Beast City would not sit idly by and let the Horseshoe Tiangu hold the beast domain. Kill- "The war between the two sides broke out in this moment, in this moment, thousands of strong people as well as one by one Daxian instant shot, joined the melee.". See the big melee is imminent, Ye Qingcheng can not help showing a faint smile, such a scene is exactly what he wants! "Ye Qingcheng, I will behead you in front of your seat today!" Although Ye Qingcheng picked out the Royal Beast City, they scuffled, but Mei Ao-nan challenged him, she stepped into the battlefield, Shenwu flying, a generation of Valkyrie posture makes people yearn for it. I'm afraid it's difficult. "Ye Qingcheng smiled and said," It's not too late for you to challenge me with the blood debt of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. " "That's right," said Daxian of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with a sneer, "You will repay your debt with blood. You slaughtered three thousand of my children, and today you will destroy your imperial territory!" "Kill them all and leave no one behind!" Mei Ao-nan didn't even lift his eyelids and said in command. Hey, it's right up our alley! With a strange cry, the king of the Golden Ants led the strong people in the imperial territory to kill thousands of troops of the Eighteen Religions. Kill- "The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China also gave a long roar, and thousands of troops rushed to the Golden Ant Monarch like a torrent.". Standing beside Mei Ao man, Mei Ao snow eyes a cold, his whole person exudes a terrible breath, he turned away, to kill the great sages of the Eighteenth National Congress. Mei Aoxue is definitely a very terrible person. As a descendant of Jianlong Family, he has always been unknown,Diameter tape measure, but he has the strength to slaughter Daxian. If you want to go, go through us first! However, before Mei Aoxue had taken a few steps, thirty-six people fell from the sky. When these thirty-six people fell from the sky, it seemed that they could suppress one side of the world. Thirty-six people, all white-haired generation, they exude a terrible momentum, they have the peak emperor, there are ordinary sages! "Eight-armed Lao Zu, the holy king against the river.." Seeing that the thirty-six old men fell from the sky and surrounded Mei Aoxue in an instant, the people outside the ancient battlefield could not help murmuring: "Thirty-six emperors, this is Ye Qingcheng's most powerful right-hand man. Ye Qingcheng is coming out in full force. He wants to do a big job." Thirty-six emperors, this is the most powerful war under Ye Qingcheng, some of them are lobbied by Ye Qingcheng to work for him, some are willing to work for him when they see Ye Qingcheng has a bright future, Fiberglass tape measure ,Walking tape measure, and some have challenged Ye Yingcheng, and finally stay with Ye Yingcheng, such as the eight-armed Lao Zu and the holy king against the river. Thirty-six emperors, this is the most powerful group of war in front of Ye Qingcheng, the lowest of them is the peak emperor, many of them are ordinary sages. With the support of thirty-six emperors, Ye Qingcheng had the support of thirty-six great religious frontiers and even emperors. It can be said that this is one of Ye Qingcheng's biggest cards. Compared with the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the origin of the 36th Emperor is stronger. It can be said that this is also Ye Qingcheng's capital for the world! Chapter 883 Scorpion God asks for a monthly ticket in the third watch today!!! ? "Old Eight of the Arrow Family, I'm afraid today is the day you die!" When the Scorpion God came, the Golden Sun King sneered. This time, Hoof Tiangu or Jinghai Jiao, or even Ye Qingcheng, they all have strong enough cards, they are to catch the enemy, swallow the animal soil! "Kill-" The old eight of the Arrow family gave a long roar. The emperor's bone bow was full of strings, and the evil spirit soared to the sky. The emperor's power was vast, and an arrow went straight to the Scorpion God. For others, to see the existence of the scorpion God, it is absolutely scared legs weak, but, the arrow family old eight is a domineering person, even if the existence of the scorpion God, he also a fight. Emperor bone bow an arrow, even the scorpion God also dare not block big, the golden snake shield in his hand burst out the immortal emperor light in an instant, the light is like the sea, in this sea of light a huge golden snake jumped into the air. "Bang," the sky was broken, but the huge shield of the golden snake blocked the arrow of the imperial bone bow. If the first immortal emperor makes a move, we have our tail between our legs. Unfortunately, your way is too shallow, and the first weapon in your hands can not exert the most powerful power. Scorpion God sneer, instant pounced on the arrow home old eight, he did not have any moves. The shield was like a flash, and a shield broke the world. It was such an invincible shield that it hit the old eight of the Arrow family heavily. The old eight of the archers shot ten thousand arrows in an instant, and the endless power of the emperor gushed out. The emperor suppressed it with a loud bang. However, even the strongest arrow of the old eight of the archers could not stop the golden snake shield from being smashed. His whole body was smashed and flew out, blood spurted wildly, and the sound of broken bones was very clear. The imperial bone bow is indeed invincible, but the archer Laoba is far from the scorpion God. What's more, the Scorpion God has a golden snake shield in his hand. Under such circumstances. The old work of the Arrow family can only be beaten. Had it not been for the protection of the imperial bone bow, he would have died tragically under this shield. Scorpion God's overbearing, this immediately let the dragon and tiger king, the arrow family master their face a change, the arrow family old eight has the emperor bone bow in the hand, still not enemy scorpion God. Go and help Lao Ba. At this time, Mei Aoxue fought against the thirty-six emperors alone. He let out a long roar. Mei Aoxue words fell, "bang" sounded, a step into the ancient battlefield,tape measure clip, he stepped into the ancient battlefield, the whole battlefield is shaking! When a man steps into the ancient battlefield, even the ancient battlefield shakes. It would be a big mistake to think that this man is huge. tapemeasure.net


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