Love at first sight, wear it.

Always like to stick to each other. 001 felt that he had been doing well with Li Mo. Care about every word he said. Li Mo told her to leave and she left obediently. But she needs to continue to work hard on the remaining eight and do the two she has done before.

However, at this time, 001 thought of the earth people's weak body, if he really resisted, it is estimated that Li Mo will become a mass of meat sauce. She thought that with the attacking power of the earth people, she could not do any harm to her body, so she let it go. Li Mo with angry eyes on the 001 clear and clean eyes, there is no emotion, not even surprise and shyness. On the surface, 001 looks like Lin Wanting is usually gentle and calm, which is the most commonly simulated form of 001. Looking at this 001, on the contrary, let Li Mo's mood calm down, he realized that he was impulsive. He himself will not be like this at ordinary times, this is not like his usual self, it is Lin Wanting's eyes to see him flustered. Before he would not care about other people's eyes, but Lin Wanting is not the same as others. After hearing Li Mo's question, 001 was slightly stupefied, which was not in her expectation. But she quickly responded, "Look at you!" Lin Wanting's voice was as gentle as ever,rapid sand filters, and even her face was very gentle, but it made Li Mo feel powerless. Suddenly, however, Li Mo's look. When he was close to Lin Wanting, he could clearly smell the fragrance on her body, which he had just smelled last night. Although Li Mo was drunk and unconscious at that time, he could feel himself falling into a fragrant embrace,MBR reactor, which smelled good and made him sleep more relaxed. Until now, Li Mo can still remember the fragrance that lingers on the tip of his nose, so when his mother said those words, there was something strange in his heart that could not be said. At this time, Li Mo looked at 001 in surprise. Was it really her who sent her back last night? Li Mo asked 001 directly: "Did you send me home last night?" 001's eyes stare uncontrollably, how could he know? But she quickly retorted, "It wasn't me!" But Li Mo, who has been paying attention to 001, has already seen her expression just now, and he already knows it in his heart. Li Mo quickly let go of 001. He turned away from her and said lightly, "Don't follow me any more!" After all, Lin Wanting had not confessed to him, and Li Mo could not refuse her. But he thought that with Lin Wanting's temperament, she would not come to him again. Although 001 is indeed to complete the task, Belt Filter Press ,rotary vacuum disc filters, but since Li Mo said so, then she went back. After all, 001 always remember that they are secretly in love, in the dark, Li Mo has found that there is no need to go on. 001 so simply turned around and left, but let Li Mo temporarily some reaction can not come over. At this time, he actually felt that Lin Wanting was very obedient and a little cute? Li Mo Shuai Shuai Tou quickly forgot the idea. Chapter 5 (automatically generated by the system to facilitate reading records) 001 and 22 are testing the results of their tasks today, still the secret love manual that 22 searched for her. Always like to stick to each other. 001 felt that he had been doing well with Li Mo. Care about every word he said. Li Mo told her to leave and she left obediently. But she needs to continue to work hard on the remaining eight and do the two she has done before. Yes, one by one, I didn't expect you to be very savvy. Keep up the good work like before! After being encouraged by two two, it made 001 more confident about himself. The cram school emphasizes the combination of work and rest, not to mention that this is indeed an excellent class. The students here should not only have good academic performance, but also develop in an all-round way. As a result, cram schools are organized by teachers to go on outings, and they have to bring their own materials, cook and build sleeping sheds and so on. Despite not knowing any common sense on Earth, the people of Araga have the most powerful receiver and data processing center. For those academic questions, the answer will come out with a sweep and analysis. As a result, the result of 001 was better than that of Lin Wanting before, and it was close to Li Mo, which made Li Mo look at her. Do not know why, he suddenly thought of a word, the power of the lovelorn Wei. Li Mo is not a person who likes to think more, but the recent actions of Lin Wanting can not help but let him think more. 001 felt that "always want to have physical contact with the other side" and "divert his attention when the other side looks at beautiful women", these two points can be skipped directly. Because Lin Wanting is too shy, it is impossible to have physical contact with Li Mo, and Li Mo is not a beautiful woman. Then, 001 began to implement the fifth point, always want to know each other's secrets. This has to be secretly investigated by her, after all, it is impossible for Lin Wanting to ask brazenly. Of course, 001 feels that observation is the most effective way to gather information, just as she used to fight. Want to understand your sweetheart, nothing more than his preferences and habits, this is two two from Baidu search down to tell 001. Therefore, since Li Mo stepped into the campus, he has brazenly used his hot eyes to fall on him. As she watched, she took out a small notebook and pen and wrote down: "It's still a white shirt and trousers today!" Through several days of observation, 001 has discovered Li Mo's dressing style. She wrote a note on the side: This can be used as a reference for giving gifts to Li Mo in the future. But 001 thought of the tenth point in the secret love manual, the gift should be close to the body, which seems not close enough! 001 glanced under Li Mo, she immediately scanned Li Mo's body data, analyzed his model, and wrote it down,lamella tube, so that it would be convenient to send him underwear in the future. Li Mo suddenly felt a chill under his body, but he could not tell what the reason was. He still felt that Lin Wanting's eyes sent a chill down his spine, as if the other party had laid down some burden since the college entrance examination.


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