The Complete Biography of Mortal Xiuxian

The flames burst forth and a low roar was heard. The sharp awl hovered rapidly above the top of the woman, and in a twinkling of an

The flames burst forth and a low roar was heard. The sharp awl hovered rapidly above the top of the woman, and in a twinkling of an eye it turned into a fine awn and disappeared. Can only see a faint red and white light and shadow, speeding in the hall, its speed, if there is no, so that all the people in the hall are discolored. Han Li was even more surprised. It was the first time he had seen Gu Bao who escaped so fast. If it is used against the enemy, it is not easy for even the monks in the period of yuan Ying to hide. And if he met, in addition to the display of wind and thunder wings, it is really impossible to guard against. Chapter 695. "Go" The old woman pointed to the faint light and shadow in the air and exhaled in awe. Suddenly there was a flash of red and white light, and the cone of thunder and fire hit the blue crystal wall in front of the old woman without hesitation. "Bang" a muffled sound came, the arc, the flame burst open in an instant, the wall surface was submerged inside, people can not see the situation inside. Seeing this, Han Li's pupils shrank slightly. Although did not personally feel the power of the cone of thunder and fire, but light from the current fluctuations in Reiki, the power of this treasure is absolutely no small matter. No wonder the lady was so confident to put forward a try. But in the face of too wonderful God ban, light is such a magical power, I'm afraid also. Before Han Li finished thinking, the power of thunder and fire on the wall had disappeared. The cone of thunder and fire floated gently a few inches in front of the wall, but the surface of the crystal wall was safe and sound, not even a crack appeared. One side of the south Longhou face, showing a little disappointed, but still said with a smile: "Although the power of this treasure is not small, it is still a little short of breaking the wonderful God's ban.". There is Lao Tai Daoyou! Look at the other Taoist friends. What magical powers can break this ban? "Humph!"! Why did the old man say that this is the real power of this treasure? I was just testing the waters. It seems that if we don't urge this treasure with all our strength, we really can't do it. The old woman seemed to lose face and said with a snort. Oh! Tai Daoyou, if there are other means, just use them! South Longhou eyes a bright, said with a happy face. The old woman heard this. Not much to say. Immediately two hands a pinch formula, the original floating cone of thunder and fire, suddenly turned into a fine awn to fly back to the old woman's head. Then, urged by the woman's law, it began to spin out of thin air, and the speed became faster and faster, and the thunder and flames gradually intertwined. And made a grotesque low whine. Seeing this, everyone else was in high spirits and watched without blinking. As a result, moments later, the arc of the thunder and fire cone itself and the red flame seemed to really merge into one, turning into a red monster arc, and jumping and flashing on the surface of the thunder and fire cone, which had become a virtual shadow, side impact beams ,aluminium coated tubes, looked very strange. Han Li's heart moved when he saw this situation. In the heart faintly thought of what, the face showed a trace of the color of meditation. Others were equally surprised, and their speculation about the power of the cone of thunder and fire was greatly improved. That's when. The woman spat out the word "broken" in her mouth. The sound of "Zila" tearing through the air came. The cone of thunder and fire, which rotated almost invisible, with a strange red arc, disappeared as soon as it moved, and once again plunged into the original crystal wall. This time, no thunder burst out, but there was a light sound of "poof". With the help of high-speed rotation and red arc, the cone of thunder and fire was only slightly blocked by the surface of the crystal wall, and then it really plunged into the crystal wall. And this treasure is drilled into the crystal wall, although the speed is greatly reduced. But still under the control of the old woman, she turned around desperately and moved forward slowly. This time, the old man in white shirt and south Longhou all showed the color of surprise. But Wang Tiangu and the monk surnamed You and other people's eyes were flickering and uncertain, and they also showed nervousness. I don't know if they want the old woman to break the ban. It's better to hope for failure. Han Li saw this secretly sneer, the corners of his mouth slightly warped, faintly showing a trace of sarcasm. Han Li's expression was not noticed by others, but it was seen by Yan Ruyan when she accidentally looked at it. The woman was stunned, and her bright eyes revealed a trace of doubt. As a result, the cone of thunder and fire, which was far away from the crystal wall, was finally destroyed. Originally there was no change, seemingly stable crystal wall, suddenly blue awn put up, and then in the case of everyone surprised. In the wall appeared the innumerable white thin light silk. All of a sudden, the advancing cone of thunder and fire was wrapped up in countless ways, and then the light flashed wildly. Strangle it hard. With a loud bang, the cone of thunder and fire burst open in an instant, and then the light disappeared in a flash, and the crystal wall returned to calm. The old woman's face turned pale with a "brush", and then she showed a very angry look. This cone of thunder and fire, but she tried her best to get the ancient treasure, was so easily destroyed, how can she not regret the extreme heartache. For a moment, the old woman felt so hot in her heart that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Everyone else was dumbfounded and shocked. Among them, Yan Ruyan looked at Han Li again with a flash of surprise in her eyes, and her face looked thoughtful. Fortunately, the old woman was not an ordinary person. After several times of red and white interlacing on her wrinkled face, she took a deep breath and calmed down the blood rolling in her heart. This time it really made a few Taoist friends laugh. This is so wonderful that it really deserves to be one of the ten ancient prohibitions. There is no way to crack the old body. But other Taoist friends have great powers, and perhaps there is another way to break the ban! She turned her head and said with a wry smile: With that, the old woman stepped back. To show the intention of giving up! South Longhou face has long gone, smell speech can only sigh said: It's a pity that Tai Daoyou fell short of success. I wonder if any Taoist friends would like to have a try? After saying this, South Longhou specially looked at Wang Tiangu and others. After all, Wang Tiangu's name as a master of array is really famous in the realm of cultivating immortals. But other people saw the woman's treasure was destroyed after the experience,side impact beams, originally some eager to try the small mind, completely extinguished. Joke, there is already a living precedent here. Who would do such a dangerous thing with a treasure.


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