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This place hasn't changed at all. It's still the same as when we got married. Tianba looked at the place where Yuhuan had lived

This place hasn't changed at all. It's still the same as when we got married. Tianba looked at the place where Yuhuan had lived, and a nameless sadness welled up in his heart. In the past, Yuhuan would always wait for me here, but now, only a palace maid and a eunuch are left. What did the queen take with her when she left? "Back to Your Majesty, when the queen left, she didn't take all her clothes with her. She just asked the servants for a few shabby clothes and took them away. She didn't take away all her usual jewelry. She just took away the phoenix hairpin and a little silver." "Yuhuan, you only took the Phoenix Hairpin to tell me that you still have me in your heart, don't you?"? Because that's the only thing I've given you since you entered the palace. Tianba sat for a long time on the bed where Yuhuan slept every night, but this bed was so cold today. Chapter 26 the first date. It was the same time yesterday, and Qianrou was walking and chatting with Yingming in the garden in the clothes of a palace maid. When Yingming saw the thin and beautiful woman in front of him, he felt pity in his heart. Yingming wants to hold the delicate hand, but if she rashly holds the delicate hand, she will not follow, then, it is better. A wise mind has a plan. Yiting, can I tell you a story? Perhaps Qianrou was not used to being called Yiting, so she didn't react for a moment. "What did you say?" "Yiting, I said I wanted to tell you a story." Yingming said it again. Only then did Qianrou recall that in her wise heart, she was not Qianrou, but Yiting. Fine and soft nodded, "good!"! Haven't you heard a story for a long time? See Yi Ting's eyes full of innocence, wise to hear a voice in the heart, it is the voice of flowers blooming. Not everyone you meet can hear that voice, only the person who is destined to be the most suitable for you can let you hear the voice of flowers blooming. The delicate hand shook in front of the wise eyes, "Hello!"! What are you thinking? Didn't you say it was a story? Only then did Yingming come to his senses. Yes,turmeric extract powder, yes! Yingming began to tell his story, "I once heard that in order to test the sincerity of love, God signed a mark on the left palm of some people, and this mark is now called" mole ". From then on, it is said that people with moles in similar places on the left hand are a match made in heaven. We have many moles on our bodies, but not many people have moles on the left hand. Do you have a mole on your left hand?? Where is it? Let me see! Yingming said, pulled up the delicate white and delicate hand, looked inside and outside, the delicate left hand actually did not have a mole. Wise heart can not help but some disappointment, because in his left ring finger, there is a small mole, and Yiting's hand, there is no. Yingming took Yiting's hand and did not let go for a long time, but put it to his lips and kissed it gently. Qianrou is not a woman who has not experienced the affairs of men and women, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,turmeric extract powder, but Yingming's action really surprised Qianrou. The delicate heart is like a deer bump, and the face begins to burn. Qianrou pulled back her hand and put it in front of her chest to feel her heartbeat. Yingming's face at this time, also red, hesitated to say, "Yiting, I'm sorry to offend you!" Fine and soft did not answer the words, but shook his head. Yingming felt that the atmosphere at this time was full of ambiguous flavor. He felt that he should say something to ease the atmosphere. "Yiting, have you ever seen the king of Nvchongguo?" The delicate brows wrinkled, but she soon regained her calm. "Yes, I am the maid in her palace. What's wrong?" "I heard that Qianrou has to find a different male concubine to sleep with every night, right?" What Qianrou was most worried about happened. She didn't know whether she should tell the truth or lie now. She hesitated for a long time and didn't answer. Why don't you talk? Is it true? Yingming asked again. Qianrou felt as if she had something in her throat. "Yes." Yes Yingming showed a surprised expression, "I really don't understand!"! Shouldn't love be selfish? It's enough to have a lover in one's life. How can you bear to be in love with a different man every night? I really don't understand. However, Yiting, the first time I saw you, I knew you were a simple woman. How ironic the wise words are to the delicate! Different views of a woman, just because they have different names. Qianrou felt that her heart was so painful, just as Hao hurt herself at the beginning. Yingming hugged Qianrou excitedly, "Yiting, I want to take you away!"! I have never had such an idea for others, only for you! I know the rules of Nu Chongguo. Even a commoner woman has to marry at least four husbands. I can't accept having you with others. So I'm going to take you to Zhenyi. Come with me, okay? Wise kisses tremulously imprinted on delicate foreheads. With a little sob, Qianrou asked Yingming, "If I were Qianrou, would you still say such a thing to me?" Her delicate eyes were a little moist, and she could not imagine a wise answer. Yingming was stupefied for a moment, and then returned to his previous expression. "How could it be?"? I know, even if let you go to be the king of Nvchongguo, you certainly won't want to! You won't agree to marry eight male concubines every year? Although the wise words did not directly answer the result, but the delicate still understood the meaning. Yiting, why are your hands so cold? Yingming touched his delicate forehead, but it was surprisingly hot. Yiting, you have a fever and are sick, do you know? "Oh.." I'm all right. I think I'll go back to the palace. Goodbye! Qianrou turned to go, but was pulled by Yingming, "Yiting, you are sick, how can you go back to the palace to work?" At this time, there are several ladies from the delicate side of the past, see the delicate line immediately said, "see your majesty!" Qianrou was stunned and immediately pulled up Yingming and ran, "Go quickly, Qianrou's Majesty is coming!" Run to the door of Yan Xi Zhai, delicate stopped,best green coffee bean extract, "wise, you go back first, I also want to go back to the palace." 。 prius-biotech.com


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