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Yu Aoshuang listened to the words in front of him, but he didn't expect Ye Tao to guess what he was thinking, but when he

Yu Aoshuang listened to the words in front of him, but he didn't expect Ye Tao to guess what he was thinking, but when he heard the words behind him, he was so ashamed that he scolded him again and again, "Big bad guy, big bastard, big hooligan, big shameless.." When she began to scold, Ye Tao was happy again and said, "Wife, you must be scolding me shamelessly again. If I tell you, I will be shameless." Speaking of this, Ye Tao said with a bad smile, "Wife, I'll show you a baby." "Baby?" Yu Ao Shuang slightly stupefied, really do not know what Ye Tao said treasure, did not wait for her to think clearly, see Ye Tao furtively took a look around, and then trotted all the way to a corner, only to see Ye Tao grabbed his pants, his face. Dang laughed Wife, I will show you my most precious treasure first, so that you will not be frightened at night. As he spoke, Ye Tao pulled his pants and pretended to take them off. But after the imperial pride frost froze, is a scream way, "shameless" when finished, she flustered to the smart host, way, "her,custom cosmetic packing, quickly closed, quickly closed." As her voice fell, the screen flashed, and the scene where Ye Tao was disappeared without a trace. A blue calm ocean appeared on the screen. On this ocean, there stood a lively little girl. Looking at the little girl's appearance and the great acquaintance of Royal Aoshuang, the little girl grinned and said, "Mom, the future father must be scaring you." I'm sure he won't take it off. "What's your name?" Yu Ao Shuang blushed and immediately asked curiously, "How do you know he won't take it off?" The little girl shrugged her shoulders and said, "According to the mentality of normal people, the future father will not take off,empty lotion tubes, if the future father is not a normal person, but also has some aspects of the perversion of hobbies, that is not necessarily." "What are you talking about?" Yu Ao Shuang gave her a white look and said, "Are you sure?" "One hundred percent sure," the little girl grinned. "Then why don't I." Let's take a look, "Yu Ao Shuang said, and when he looked, his cheeks turned red again." "Then let's take a look." After the little girl was happy, the screen flashed the image of Ye Tao, which suddenly flashed out. Yu Aoshuang saw him in the garden, collecting all kinds of exotic flowers and plants. In the face of this situation, Yu Aoshuang was speechless and dumbfounded. "You see, I said," the little girl giggled and immediately touched her chin. "It seems that my future father is still a normal person." Yu Ao Shuang shook his head helplessly, sat on the chair, and started to stay, not knowing what he was thinking. It was five o'clock in the morning the next day. Ye Tao, who was in the hall, saw twelve maids coming over, each holding a box in his hand. After ten hours of understanding, eye cream packing tube ,tube lip gloss, Ye Tao already knew the identity of these maids clearly. He smiled at the leader and said, "Xiao Bing, do you need to change clothes?" "Yes, Wang Ye," Xiao Bing answered. When he saw Ye Tao standing up, he said hurriedly, "Wang Ye, you can sit down. Let's do it." "No, I still like to do it myself," Ye Tao said with a smile. "Well, you put everything down and I'll do it myself. If there's anything wrong later, I'll ask you." "Well," the women answered helplessly, put things on the table, Ye Tao waved his hand, put all the things away, and then walked towards his bedroom. When he went into the bedroom and opened all the things in the gift box, Ye Tao shook his head in a funny way. The clothes inside were like the golden Jiulong robes worn by ancient emperors. They looked very dignified, but Ye Tao touched the Jiulong robes and knew clearly that these things were all defensive instruments equivalent to the first grade at the prefectural level, with top protective capabilities. Ye Tao believes that even if he is a master at the peak of the escape period, he can't be hurt in a short time. Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Tao put these clothes on his body, while the top of his head was wearing the Golden Crown of Kowloon. When his face was straight and he stood in front of the mirror, he saw a young man who was very powerful and domineering, but then Ye Tao could not help laughing and grimacing. Cher looked at her and said, "Brother, you look very much like a clown in a big play now." "Can you speak?" Ye Tao gave her a white look and said, "I don't know it's my brother's wedding day today, so you can't say something nice." Speaking of this, Ye Tao said, "Cher today is a good day for my brother, should you mean it?" Cher was speechless when she heard this, and immediately said, "Brother, do you think I will have anything good?" "No," Ye Tao laughed, and did not pay attention to Cher, but put on a red auspicious suit outside, on which nine golden dragons with nine claws rose from the clouds, looking lifelike. After tidying up everything, Ye Tao walked out of the room and went to the hall to look at Xiao Bing and asked with a smile, "Xiao Bing, what should I do next?" "Wang Ye, the following things have to wait until eight o'clock, when you have to go to the Queen's Moon Palace, and you don't have to do anything, just follow the Queen, accept other people's blessings and worship," Xiao Bing smiled. "Oh," Ye Tao nodded clearly and sat on the sofa in the hall, while Xiao Bing asked carefully, "Does Wang Ye need a maidservant to help you hammer your legs?" "No, you are busy with your, when the time comes to inform me on the line," Ye Tao said with a smile, closed his eyes, although the beauty is very pleasing to the eye, but to this point, with four women is enough, otherwise, after this out here, that in reality will certainly lead to many disturbances. Chapter 451 wedding [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: July 27, 2012 23:36:56 Words in this chapter: 7820 Chapter 451 wedding. In the twinkling of an eye, it was eight o'clock in the morning. At this time,cosmetic plastic tube, Xiao Bing called softly, "Wang Ye, it's almost time. Do you think we should go to the Moon Palace?"


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