The legend of otherworldly zombies

PS: I got up late this morning. I didn't wash my face or brush my teeth. I uploaded it immediately. Hey, I broke out in the fourth watch today.

PS: I got up late this morning. I didn't wash my face or brush my teeth. I uploaded it immediately. Hey, I broke out in the fourth watch today. I hope you will forgive me. Amen! Sin! Sin! Tangerine shouted weakly, "Count the tickets!"! The explosive dragon of thunder, a mythical beast with the attribute of thunder, originally belongs to the ancient alien species on the mysterious continent. It has a strong control over thunder and lightning, and its hard scales and armor are super strong for physical defense. Appearing on the first day of the lunar new year, dark clouds flowed in the sky and gusts of wind suddenly rose. Crackle! A burst of thunder and lightning dancing wildly, electric snakes flying, the scene is not scary. Whew!! With a fan of giant wings, the huge body of the thunder dragon quickly came to the front of Bao Yunlong. The huge dragon's eyes stared at the immortal fire phoenix in front of him. Ha ha, I didn't expect you to die yet, but you were lucky to survive in that war! The beautiful phoenix eyes of the undead fire phoenix flashed a trace of happiness. The color of pain in the eyes of the exploding dragon of thunder flashed away, and the huge dragon head said hello to the immortal fire phoenix. At this time, the head of the Thunder Explosion Dragon was slightly lowered, and Yunlong's feet pushed off the ground. Under the strong impact, he quickly jumped onto the back of the Thunder Explosion Dragon. Ka-ka-ka-ka! A burst of sound, I saw the thunder of the dragon on the back of the purple flash, a moment of a huge leather armor-like thing to storm Yunlong armed up. A guy who is fully armed and as wild as a storm. Astonishingly, it was a dragon knight! Haha,Time Delay Tap, with the help of the thunder dragon, Zhang Yue, you will be defeated! Strong self-confidence permeates all around. Bao Yunlong stood on the back of the exploding dragon of thunder, holding the eye of the thunder God upside down in his right hand, surrounded by purple awn, and thunder and lightning shook the sky. Zhang Yue smiled, "with these rotten sweet potatoes and stinky eggs, you also want to defeat me,Prison toilet for sale, Bao Yunlong, you are too black as a green onion!" Zhang Yue fought back fiercely. At this time, Yan Linlu in the hands of the mercy of the Vulcan red Mang Sheng, and the original artifact into one, the mercy of the Vulcan was forced by Yan Linlu again. A fierce fire element filled the scene in an instant, and bursts of hot breath filled the air. Phoenix Dance, Nine Heavens Wind Dance, One Fire can Gather! A faint voice came out like a clear spring. As the sound falls, a large number of fire energy gathered in the air is instantly pulled away, and the fire energy in the distant sky is instantly replenished! At this time, Yan Linlu's eyes were red, and the hot breath rose to the sky. Seeing this, Yan Linlu planned to win or lose at one stroke. As Yan Linlu's words just fell, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, the immortal fire phoenix quickly flew up to the sky, and then showed the perfect phoenix body in the sky. Boom! With a muffled sound, the strong red flame rises from the body of the immortal fire phoenix in an instant. At this time, bathed in endless flames, the immortal fire phoenix is really like a phoenix nirvana, reborn. Phoenix Dance Double Evil!! As the sound comes to mind, the huge fire energy gathered in the sky is emptied for the second time in an instant, and the elegant fire phoenix in the sky begins to fly and rotate for the second time after finishing one rotation. The flame of the whole body is more and more rich, the color is more and more dark! Even the air is a little twisted! The craziness in Yan Linlu's eyes is self-evident. After the flying and rotating immortal fire phoenix absorbs this energy, the flame on her body changes from red to light white in an instant, and with the intensification of the absorption of energy, the white becomes more and more intense. It's several times higher than the temperature of Yan Linlu's fire magic alone before! Today I will show my ultimate Phoenix Dance Nine Heavens. I hope this time you can live up to expectations and resist the past! Yan Linlu thought to herself. "The three gods fear the phoenix dance!" A clear voice rang through the sky, "whew!" Crisp cries echoed around, the sky has just completed the second rotation of the immortal fire phoenix rotation again, I do not know when the sky again full of fire can be emptied for the third time in an instant, the whole body rich as milky waves around the flame, began to appear light blue, was a qualitative change caused by quantitative change, the shape of the flame has been sublimated again! The temperature in the air rises even higher! The students around felt that the air they breathed into their lungs was burning. It can be seen that the temperature of the fire phoenix in the air has already reached an extreme! Phoenix dance quadruple end infinite!! Clear voice resounded through the sky again, endless fire attribute energy was emptied for the fourth time, the sky became red in an instant, bursts of vast energy fluctuations spread through the air, surrounded by onlookers and instructors, the face suddenly changed, Yan Linlu this is what to do, crazy to enhance their own fire attribute energy, do not know how to suppress. This will lead to a great riot of energy. The tutors of Falling Star Academy are not so good-looking. On the one hand, they are worried about Yan Linlu's physical endurance, but on the other hand, they are proud of Yan Linlu's strong strength. Just when everyone thought that Yan Linlu could be promoted to the four-fold heaven of Fengwu was the acme, who knows, a pleasant voice interrupted their normal thinking again! Phoenix dance five times split heaven and earth! Similarly, the fire energy of the skyline is drained for the fifth time, "whew!!" The undead phoenix in the sky bathed in endless fire energy, excited to send out bursts of crisp and melodious sound of the phoenix, such a scorching energy is not exactly what the undead phoenix hopes. Yan Linlu's face was red at this time, and her right hand, holding the compassion of Vulcan, was constantly trembling and fusing, forcibly enhancing the power of the Nine Heavens. Phoenix Dance Six Broken Cangyu! The laborious voice comes from the rich fire energy, Yan Linlu's body has already reached a limit, now, a little carelessness, can play with fire,stainless steel squatting pan, destroy under the infinite fire energy! The undead fire phoenix in the sky obviously also felt the physical state of Yan Linlu at this time, a pair of beautiful and incomparable phoenix eyes in a touch of concern quietly emerged, a trace can not bear across the heart.


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