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But the study found that nitrite under certain conditions will be combined with protein decomposition product form carcinogens nitrosamines, therefore the nitrate is added in the meat.

But the study found that nitrite under certain conditions will be combined with protein decomposition product form carcinogens nitrosamines, therefore the nitrate is added in the meat.
Acid salt, have long been controversial. Lycopene is a major component of tomato fruits such as red pigment, its antioxidant ability is extremely strong, have good physiological functions, can be used as stesweet stevia preservatives, colorants for meat products. In addition, rich in lycopene In tomato products acid can reduce the meat pH value, can inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the certain degree, therefore, can be used as anti-corrosion meat food antistaling agent, have the effect of partly replace nitrite.
Oxidation deterioration is often occurred in the process of cooking oil in storage of adverse reaction, not only led to the change of the quality of the oil losing edible value, even more serious is the long-term intake of deterioration of oil development out of a variety of diseases.
In order to delay the deterioration of cooking oil, add some antioxidants in processing. But with the improvement of people's food safety consciousness, all kinds of safety problem for antioxidants are constantly being put naringenin price forward, therefore, looking for the safety of natural antioxidants as food One of the focuses of product additive. Lycopene has the superior physiological functions, and the oxidation resistance is strong, can efficiently quenching singlet oxygen and free radicals, inhibit lipid peroxide. Therefore, add it to the oils can reduce oil deterioration.
Lycopene as a potential carotenoid compounds, cannot synthesis by oneself, in the human body must through diet supplement so as to obtain, after found that the physiological function of lycopene, the Ly - of Israel CoredNaturalProductsIndustriesLtd. Take the lead in development of lycopene product. In addition, American and Japanese companies, respectively, such as producing lycopene as the main active ingredient of the drug, its main functions turmeric extract powder include lowering blood pressure, high treatment Blood cholesterol, high cholesterol, reduce the cancer cells, etc., has a remarkable curative effect. There is rare in the domestic application of lycopene as food or medicine raw materials.
Lycopene can be used as a nutritional supplements to maintain human health, the Japanese made of tomato red oil dementholized resin has been widely used in beverage, cold food, meat products, and baked goods. As a result of the special function of the lycopene, it also is development function in the modern sense Made products functional factors, such as antioxidant health capsule, or made into medicinal food cans after compatibility with other medicinal plants. Lycopene extraction and separation methods mainly include organic solvent extraction, enzyme reaction method, microorganism fermentation, synthetic method, supercritical CO2 extraction, microwave method, etc. The solvent extraction method is one of the most traditional (extraction), but the traditional Leaching method exists leaching time is long, the intensity of labor, raw materials and processing energy consumption big, shortcomings and so on heat sensitive components easily damaged. Chemical synthesis of lycopene contains a pumpkin seed extract variety of isomer and impurities, banned use in health care products, market share; Natural extraction is limited by the raw material, and is difficult to further reduce the cost and production significantly influenced by season. Therefore, development of microbial fermentation production method presents obvious advantages in recent years.
Lycopene is widely distributed in nature. At present, people gradually realized the synthetic pigment, the harm of human body from the natural plant extracting lycopene method become more common.


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