Flush Retrofit Kit

Because of the different place, toilet use wash valve is not the same, at present the flush valve has three types: induction, beeline and manual type.

Because of the different place, toilet use wash valve is not the same, at present the flush valve has three types: induction, beeline and manual type. 1, the principle of induction flush valve is: flush valve feel the body heat, heat to wash after disappear. Automatic flushing device equipped with infrared receiving probe. When close to human body, the probe can Flush Retrofit Kit be sent with enough strength to receive the body of infrared light. Electric control circuit action, make the flush valve and keep two seconds, drainage at a time.leave, probe the received infrared reduction, reduction and internal control circuit, electromagnetic valve remains open for 3 seconds, then drain again.
Under normal condition, 2, beeline of water route product, aprons and water body cavity of the combination of water pressure and the gravity of the valve core, make the aprons and outlet seal and blocking waterways. On waste pedal after pressure relief valve core rod axis deviation from 3 to 5 degrees, rinse mouth connected to the water cavity. At this point, the body cavity of the upper water Flush Retrofit Kit static pressure release, the cavity pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure, tube hydraulic upward push valve core, the water pipe connected to the outlet, form a larger flow, so as to finish washing work.
Leaky toilet press type product how to remove the drainage component, soaking with toilet net (oxalic acid), remove the scale above, there are the part of the telescopic activities add some oil. Put back to use.
1, the flush valve leakage suggested replacement. Product works: when the water from the inlet into the water tank, drain by rubber membrane pressure, can't drain. As the water level rises, the water through a hole through the ball in the champions league, and flows from the hole b into the bend. Due to the rubber membrane and water pressure are equal, still pressure drain.
2, to repair the toilet product as follows: first shut into water total brake; Although memory opened the lowest faucet, in boiling water; With a hammer shook loose copper ball valve of the articulated below; With the appropriate Flush valve price pipe wrench will live after nut loose, the water pipe is split in two, the valve can be removed; Entangled with sponge or cloth in the inlet pipe, to ensure the normal water, the last of the 1.5 l juice bottles filled with water in the tank, it can also save water, can also reduce water time.
3, installation time can't get in and out of the water in water, should be first and then the pipe above mount the nut to install aprons, pay attention to the tilt of the aprons mouth will face up. Installation after water connection, try each connection parts for leaks, can use when confirmed. Toilet didn't flush the inability to vortex solution: 1, side pressure and side pull sitting on one side of the bracelet is longer, has led to the action of water cushion though, but the water stop soon. The solution: shortened please take it to the right. Or top pressure type low pressure rod, gasket, although there is a movement, but the water stop soon.
Solution: open the tank cover, the reversal of rotary screw nut, adjust the push rod to the appropriate length.
2, inlet valve, water level is too low, lead to weak solution is to remove Concealed Flush Valve the water inlet valve and remove the inlet valve locks. Counterclockwise import valve body. And then adjust your height. And then clockwise rotating inlet installation card buckle. At last, the installation of inlet valve. Connect the filter inlet pipe to troubleshoot.


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