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In mechanical parts processing industry, processing error refers to the actual size after parts processing, and the degree of deviation between ideal size, usually machining error is smaller

In mechanical parts processing industry, processing error refers to the actual size after parts processing, and the degree of deviation between ideal size, usually machining error is smaller, illustrate parts conform to the degree is higher, the precision of the processing, the higher the machining precision and machining error are the same; Then from shenzhen to introduce the car radiator cap mechanical parts processing what are prone to error:
1, the positioning error: positioning error is mainly including benchmark misalignment error and deputy produce inaccurate positioning error.
2, measuring error: as measured parts after machining or due to measurement method, the measuring precision and the workpiece and the subjective and objective factors directly affect the accuracy of measurement.
3, cutting tool error: any cutting tool in cutting process is inevitable to produce wear and tear, and the resulting artifact size and shape to change. 4, clamp fixture's role is to make the workpiece is equivalent to cutting tool and machine tool has the correct position, so the fixture geometric error on machining errors of position error (especially) has a great influence.
5, machine tool error: including the error of spindle, guide and transmission chain errors. The spindle rotation error refers to the actual rotary spindle each moment axis relative to the average amount of changes in the rotation axis, it will directly affect the machining precision.
Work hardening seriously: stainless steel and plastic, plastic deformation character contorted, strengthening coefficient is very big, And austenite is not stable, under the action of cutting stress, experience of austenite into martensite; Combined with compound impurities in cutting heat With, easy to decompose a diffuse distribution, make produce when machining hardened layer. A feed or before the procedure, the work hardening phenomenon seriously affect the follow-up process smoothly.
Cutting force big: stainless steel plastic deformation in the process of cutting, cutting force increases. The work hardening of stainless steel, high hot strength, further increasing the cutting resistance, chip curling broken is more difficult.
High cutting temperature, cutting the plastic deformation and friction between the tool and are very big, the cutting heat; A large number of cutting heat is concentrated in the cutting area and the knife - crumbs in contact DIN screw plug interface, poor heat dissipation condition.
Chip is not easy to break and easy to bond: the plasticity and toughness of stainless steel are big, CNC processing chip continuously, not only affect the operating smoothly, chip will hurt has been processed surface. Under the high temperature and high pressure, stainless steel and other metal affinity Sex is strong, easy to produce adhesion phenomenon, and form the devolop tumor, exacerbating the cutting tool wear and tear phenomenon will appear again and make the machined surface has been deteriorating.
Affinity function in the process of cutting tool wears: cutting stainless steel, the knife - the generation between chip bonding, diffusion, which produce adhesion wear, diffusion wear of cutting tool and the tool rake face of Magnetic Drain Plug produce crater, cutting edge can also form tiny flake and gap With stainless steel of carbide particles (TiC) hardness is high, direct contact with the tool when cutting, friction, abrasion cutting tools, and work hardening phenomenon, all can make the tool wear.
The linear expansion coefficient of linear expansion coefficient of large: stainless steel which is about 1.5 times that of carbon steel in the function of cutting temperature, easy to produce hot deformation of workpiece, dimension precision are harder to control.
Stainless steel parts because of its special performance and more and more used in electric power, aviation, aerospace, oil and food industry etc. Although stainless steel cutting with high thermal strength, large plastic deformation, strain hardening serious difficulties, cutting heat, heat dissipation Point, but by selecting the appropriate cutting tool, cutting fluid, cutting dosage, processing methods, finally can guarantee the quality of stainless steel


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